The Ultimate All-In-One Auto Repair Marketing Solution for Australian Workshop Owners

Our powerful auto repair marketing system builds your profile, increases your car count & boosts your business.

It’s Marketing for Australian Mechanics, Done Better.

Are you struggling to keep your bays full and your schedule booked out?

Do you feel like your marketing is running on empty?

You know that having a solid marketing strategy is key, but you’re way too busy fixing cars and delivering excellent customer service to execute a top shelf marketing strategy.

You’ve already got more than enough on your mind already… Your team, your shop, training, tools, safety… EVs!

You just want to be able to increase your car count and income, without dropping your pants on price.

That's where Grease Monkey Marketing comes in.

Our team has been delivering exceptional digital design and marketing solutions since 1999 (that’s right, the 20th Century!!).  Our founder has also worked in management in the automotive repair industry, so we understand what drives success in a workshop environment.

We work exclusively with Australian (and Kiwi) automotive workshop owners to deliver a comprehensive, done-for-you auto repair marketing solution that attracts more customers, increases your car count, grows your business, and keeps you ahead of the competition.

We only work with independent workshops like yours – Never with the big franchises, and especially not dealer workshops.  We believe in helping the little guy, and that by equipping you with the best in marketing strategy and software tools, that you can take on the big end of town and win.

When you work with Grease Monkey Marketing, that’s exactly what you will be able to do.

Our No-BS approach keeps the things that matter in focus

You don’t care about Google rankings, ad impressions, website analytics… and you shouldn’t.  You don’t have the time or energy for that.  Compared to the metrics that actually matter, they’re all just BS anyway.

All that matters to you is how many cars you get through the shop, how much you made, and how much it cost you to get them there… Real results and transparent reporting… That’s what we stand for.

Your marketing RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) is always king, and when we partner with your automotive workshop, your ROI is our primary focus.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Marketing. Done for you.

Our proprietary marketing system has been refined from decades of real-world digital marketing experience.  It focuses on tactics that “move the needle” by implementing proven digital marketing for mechanics that drives results.

If you want to dig into the details of exactly what we deliver, see below….  But for now, all you need to know is that it’s designed to help you focus on what you do best – fixing cars and providing excellent customer service.   

It’s a complete auto repair marketing solution. Done for you.

Introducing… The Concours Pro App.

Marketing done for you is really only half the picture… In addition to that, when you work with Grease Monkey Marketing, you get access to our powerful, innovative Concours Pro App. 

Concours Pro is a comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer management (CRM) app on your desktop browser, or in your pocket on mobile. 

With Concours Pro you can manage your customer records, your sales invoicing & online payments, your customer communications & marketing, your social media posting, your website, your Google Business Profile and reviews and so much more. 

It leverages time-saving automation to allow you to build advanced marketing sequences, communicating with your customers over SMS, email, and social media messages. 

The result is YOU stay front of mind with your customers, so they know exactly where they will get serviced next time.

The best thing is you don’t need to know how to set up marketing automation – because, like the rest of our service, it’s all done for you!

Finding the best fit for your business

Just like having the right size socket, we are all about working with automotive repairers that are the best fit to work with us, and vice versa. 

We don’t want to work with EVERY auto workshop in Australia, just the ones that are a good fit and who we can help the most.

Our No-BS, low-pressure consultative approach to sales means that we will ask a lot of questions, so we learn about your business and try to best understand your unique situation.  By understanding your business and where it’s at, we can find the workshop owners that we can help the most, and that will be a good fit for both of us.

We’re never going pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, or something that doesn’t feel like a good fit to you.  Because if you aren’t into it, then it’s not going to last long-term.

That’s what we are all about here at Grease Monkey Marketing – long-term, mutually successful business partnerships.

Because our success can only be measured by yours.

Is Grease Monkey Marketing for you?

We work solely with Australian (and New Zealand) owners of Automotive workshops.

This includes:

  • General Mechanics
  • Specialty Mechanics (Euro, Performance, Classic, 4WD, Brand specialists etc)
  • Auto Electricians
  • Transmission Experts
  • Brakes Experts
  • Lube Service Workshops
  • Exhausts Fitters
  • Tyre & Wheel Shops
  • Auto Air Conditioning Shops
  • Suspension Specialists
  • Motorbike Mechanics
  • Scooter Mechanics

We don’t currently work with smash repair shops, heavy vehicle mechanics, mobile mechanics / tyre fitters, custom car/bike builders, engine/transmission rebuilders, vehicle wrappers, Car detailers or motorsport workshops… but we likely will in the future, so watch this space!

Are we a good fit?

Ask yourself these questions….

  • Do you have a Burning Desire to increase your income and grow your automotive workshop business?
  • Are you an independent business? (You’re not part of a chain or franchise)
  • Do you currently invest in some form of marketing for your workshop?
  • Do you have the capacity to increase your daily car count by at least 25%?
  • Do you believe that a strong digital marketing strategy works, and is required to grow your business?
  • Do you have at least 2 full time technicians on your team?
  • Do you have at least 2 hoists / service bays in your workshop?

If you answered yes to all of these, then we might just be a good fit…

Let’s jump on a 15-minute discovery call to find out some more!

Are you ready to boost your car count and get your workshop running at maximum capacity?

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